With the Eagle Ford Shale exploding, there's more traffic than ever on i35 and
more opportunities for new businesses in Devine. Tell us what you think would be
great businesses to locate right off of i35 and along 173 into town.

4/2/2013 05:56:49 am

Devine really needs to expand their utilities to the other side of IH 35 so the city can grow and improve even if it means increasing taxes. Maybe a Economic Development Committee could get the city moving.

4/11/2013 05:23:17 am

Need to run utilities to the other side of I35 to develop business across the highway

4/11/2013 05:24:54 am

Devine needs a sign on the highway. Something to draw in traffic that's passing through. The signage doesn't create the feel that there's a reason to stop in Devine for I35 travelers. Natalia and Lytle have that pull. It's a long way until you get to Pearsall...

4/11/2013 05:26:12 am

We need to get more businesses on 173 between I35 and downtown. Something that'd appeal to travelers.

4/24/2013 08:10:39 am

Need to attract the hotel business - franchises - with some incentives. This will also help attract restaurants! The entire gateway into Devine from 35 needs to be cleaned up and developed! As is, folks are liable to do a u-turn and leave before they make it into town!!

Laura Erxleben
6/2/2013 01:33:27 pm

Why would anyone want to stop here? There is nothing to attract outsiders - no major stores, no recreational facilities, no great restaurants, no entertainment establishments - the only thing that is attractive is the golf course and it does bring people to our community. A nice park with jogging/walking trails, a pool, a fishing area, picnic sites, playground equipment, and overnight facilities for campers would benefit the city and make people want to stop and stay awhile.


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