Downtown Devine is full of history and what it looks like tomorrow is entirely up to us. Tell us what you love about downtown today, and what you want downtown to be like in the future.
Downtown Fan
2/28/2013 11:39:32 pm

I love the old church downtown. What can we do to preserve that landmark?

4/11/2013 05:28:33 am

Old downtown needs businesses that would make someone want to spend sometime walking around down there. Some great architecture and interesting sites, but nothing to make someone want to park and spend time wandering. A district of restaurants, cafes, antique shops, etc. to go along with the Blacksmith shop and local paper could make it an interesting setting.

6/2/2013 01:45:31 pm

There is nothing to see downtown and very little reason to go there. Yet I agree there are some very interesting buildings and with a little sprucing up this area could be revived. There are, also, no real sidewalks to utilize, so how could someone "walk" around - they would get killed trying to accomplish such a feat.

2/5/2023 03:42:22 pm

Very thoughtfful blog


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